The Case for Clean Energy

Jobs in Massachusetts

“The 2019 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report shows that the clean energy sector continues to grow, with more than 111,800 clean energy workers in Massachusetts, 3.1% of the workforce. In the last year, Massachusetts added 1,000 clean energy jobs, and the industry contributes almost $14 billion to the Massachusetts Gross State Product. Clean energy employment has grown 86%, or nearly 52,000 jobs, since 2010.”

Plummeting Costs for Green Energy

“Plummeting costs for wind and solar energy have dramatically changed the prospects for rapid, cost-effective expansion of renewable energy. At the same time, battery energy storage has become a viable option for cost-effectively integrating high levels of wind and solar generation into electricity grids.”

Net Savings for Consumers

“Utilities have shown that replacing old fossil-fuel plants with wind, solar and battery storage can lead to a net savings for consumers. State and local policies also have changed substantially, with about 1 in 3 Americans living in a state or city that has adopted a plan to get to 100 percent carbon-free electricity.”

Seize the Opportunity

“America has an opportunity to harness cheap, clean electricity to transform our economy, boosting jobs and cutting pollution while lowering electricity bills for citizens. It would be a crime to waste it. We have the technology, the enterprising businesses to get it done, a solid manufacturing base to build, and we know the policy pathway. Bold action to adopt a clean energy standard can set the nation on the right course, and complementary policies can help support action at every level from federal to state and local communities.”